The real MVPs

“You’re not needed on this call”

That’s quite a statement to make to an early stage founder, especially when you’re the “Chief Everything officer”. Used to being involved in absolutely everything. Writing every email, reviewing every agreement, QAing every feature.

I won’t lie. A sliver of anxiety spread from the pit of my stomach through the rest of my body. But it was quickly replaced by relief and gratitude.

Relief that I didn’t have to do everything. That someone else would be on top of this. Someone else with more experience. Someone else who’s more qualified. Who has more nuance and context.

Gratitude that I could trust. That I could not be on the call, and that things would still be taken care of. With my best interests at heart. Gratitude that I knew that someone has got my back.

The best part was that this wasn’t someone on my team. I trust my team, I expect this from them. No. This was someone external, one of our “service providers” — our Lawyer.

The term “service provider” is thrown around often. Perhaps too often. Because it’s rare that you get to work with actual service providers. Ones who provide not just expertise and professionalism, but trust and gratitude. That’s a service worth providing.

Be that service provider. They’re the real MVP.



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Yehoshua Zlotogorski

Building Alpe Audio. Lifelong learner. Tokenomics design & analysis. love: web3, building, investing. Host of @EthereumAudible podcast